Morocco Travel Tips

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Morocco Travel Tips
The majority of Moroccan's are very helpful and hospitable, however you do need to be particularly aware of the possibility of scams which can be found, in particular within the main cities.

Taxi Tips
Ask your taxi driver to turn on the meter if he has one as this will avoid an extortionate price fare, this especially applies to Marrakech where tourist prices can be quite high. When using a grand taxi for out of city journey's try to fill it up with passengers as it will keep the cost down.

Morocco Guides
The cities of Fez and Marrakech are a bit of a maze to figure out so it is worth asking your hotel or tourist office for a reliable and official guide to show you around the Medina.

You will find plenty of false guides offering to show you around or people inviting to help you, but unofficial guides are illegal and what you will often discover is that they will in fact receive a commission on anything that you buy and may well be in the service of the shop itself.

Morocco Beaches
Many of the beaches that are found very close to the main cities in Morocco are polluted and not suitable for swimming, however if you are prepared to travel a short distance away then you will often find both the sea and sand to be very clean.

Bargaining Tips
Unless you are in a store with fixed prices everything is open for negotiation, have an idea what the product is worth and what you are prepared to pay for it and then stick to your decision.

Shopping Tips
The city of Fes is well known for its leather goods, however it is worth taking along a sprig of mint as the tanneries are very smelly, especially in the mid day heat and if you are offered a mint tea take it!

The souks in both Fes and Marrakech have incredibly large souks that contain areas specializing in one particular craft, offering you plenty of choice.

Moroccan Pickpockets
Due to severe overcrowding pick pockets tend to target the souks and busses.

Although drinking in public places is forbidden there are plenty of licenced restaurants and bars to be found in major cities although the drinks are quite expensive.