Morocco Tourist Attractions
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Morocco Tourist Attractions
Morocco's rich history and culture has left behind an interesting selection of sights and attractions from fascinating ancient ruins, grand palaces, elaborate structures and preserved artefacts to modern galleries, museums and on to the various Medinas where the attraction of being in the centre of these lively affairs can be as much of an appeal as the buying and haggling of various goods.

Morocco's geography also lends itself open for exploring many superb areas such as the snow capped peaks of the Atlas Mountain range, rugged valleys, vast expanses of desert and miles of spectacular coastline are all on offer.

Casablanca, Morocco Attractions
This fascinating city offers a great cultural experience from palm tree lined boulevards and modern galleries and hotels to historic monuments and the Old Medina... more about Casablanca

Fes, Morocco Attractions
Tanneries, narrow streets and beautiful tiled fountains make up the old fes or Fes El Blai as it is also known, which contains 9,000 narrow streets and a world of souks... more about Fes

Marrakech, Morocco Attractions
The city has a modern side with boulevards and western style hotels that blend in with the cities old traditional style. The square called Djemma El Fna features daily street performers of all descriptions from storytellers, acrobats and snake charmers to musicians. The old city is well known for its markets which are popular with tourists and where you will find a wide range of traditional items such as leather work, spices, rugs and clothing... more about Marrakech

Rabat, Morocco Attractions
Rabat takes its name from Ribatu l-Fath which means 'stronghold of victory' and has now become one of the largest cities in Morocco, featuring many areas of interest such as ancient and unfinished building's to busy shopping areas and an exciting arts scene... more about Rabat

Tangier, Morocco Attractions
Situated along Morocco's north coast, Tangier is well known for its bustling traditional markets, compact layout and maze of narrow streets containing cafe's, shops and some architectural surprises... more about Tangier Tourist Attractions

Agadir, Morocco Attractions
Well known for its huge tourist friendly beach, thriving fishing port , excellent climate and modern medina which contains several restaurants and plenty of shops where a variety of Moroccan handicrafts can be purchased. The views of Agadir and the ocean are magnificent from the Kasbah, where the ruins of the old fortress which was destroyed during an earthquake in 1960 provide a unique setting and a great excuse for a camel ride... more about Agadir

Meknes, Morocco Attractions
The city of Meknes offers plenty of superb historical monuments, beautifully decorated gateways and palaces as well as a bustling Medina, several restaurants and a short travel away from the fascinating Roman ruins of Volubilis... more about Meknes