Hassan Tower
Rabat • Morocco

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Hassan Tower, Rabat, Morocco
The Hassan Tower was built by Sultan Yacoub al-Mansour and was to be the largest mosque and minaret in the world.

The building work started in 1195 and was due to reach 86 meters, however 4 years after work started the Sultan died and all work on the mosque and minaret ceased, leaving behind over 200 pillars and some of the mosque walls behind.

Although unfinished the tower still stands an impressive 44 meters in height and is ascended by ramps rather than stairs, the reason for this was so that the muezzin would have been able to ride to the top of the tower in order to signal a call to prayer.

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The mausoleum is positioned a few 100 meters away from the Oued Bou Regreg river within the city of Rabat.