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The ancient Roman ruins of this once thriving city offer a fascinating insight into the sites history where several unique building's and mosaics remain.

This important former city, which is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site was originally built around a previous Carthaginian settlement.

It was during the 2 and 3rd Century AD that the Romans really started to develop the city and built structures such as archways, a Basilica and Roman Baths, as well as to extensively cultivate the land with the likes of wheat and Olives in particular.

After the Romans left the city it continued to flourish and it was not until several centuries later that several buildings were demolished so that there parts could be used in the design of new buildings in Meknes.

Much of Volubilis has now been excavated with several artefacts found and now carefully displayed within the Rabat Archaeological Museum. Key structures remaining are the Triumphal Arch, Basilica and Capitol with several superbly detailed mosaics also visible.

Attraction Location Guide
Volubilis is around 17 miles north of the city of Meknes and can be reached by following the N13 to Fertassa.