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Marrakech, Morocco
One of the main attractions of Marrakech is the Medina or Old City and it is from here that you will find large souks and goods of all descriptions combined with a lively bustling atmosphere. The heart of the city has several Riads offering excellent accommodation as well as plenty of chances enjoy real Moroccan Hammam. The area is rich with history and there is plenty to see, such as elaborate palaces, museums packed with artefacts and the Royal tombs that were hidden away for so many years.

During the winter months the temperature often averages somewhere between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, often dropping lower through the night. During the spring temperatures rise to around 60 and 70 and in the summer months of June, July, August and September temperatures soar and average around 80 degrees Fahrenheit but this often reaches well up into the 90's even topping 100 at times. before dropping for the autumn months of September, October and November to between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Marrakech Cuisine
There are plenty of food stalls within the Medina selling really good Moroccan food with prices varying between each one and you will also come across plenty of tea sellers where you can pick up a refreshing drink. There are several cafe's and restaurant's to choose from that can offer anything from a small snack to an elaborate three course meal that often serve up classic Moroccan dishes at their finest.

Shopping in Marrakech
The main square within the Medina (Old City) is the Djemaa El-Fna and you will often find plenty going on such as artists and musicians performing, and it is from around the square that the largest bazaar or souk can be found. Marrakech is well known for its quality leather and fabric goods as well as for its jewelry, wrought iron lamps and pottery and the sights and aroma of the spice sellers is a colourful experience.

You will find that you will receive plenty of interest from the shop sellers and be prepared to haggle hard in order to obtain a fair price. Where possible try to have a rough idea what sort of price the item is worth before entering into negotiations and it is better to pay with cash not credit card to avoid any scams.

If you are not into the fun of haggling then you can visit a shop called Boutique D'Artisans which are government run and offer fixed price items that are often of an excellent nature and a reasonable price.

Travel Attraction Guide
Marrakech is full of historic buildings and attractions that tell of the cities colourful past and rich cultural heritage.

Marrakesh Festivals and Events
Expect to witness a great deal of enthusiasm from all concerned when going to any of Marrakech's festivals or events which are often very colourful and will provide a memorable experience.

Attraction Location Guide
Marrakech lies on the western foothills of the High Atlas mountain range approximately 150 miles south of Casablanca, Morocco.