El Badi Palace
Marrakech • Morocco

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El Badi Palace
The El Badi Palace was built in 1578 for Ahmad al-Mansur the Saadian King who ruled from 1578 to 1603.

The palace was a grand affair containing around 350 rooms each elaborately decorated and beautifully set out amongst gardens, fountains, a large courtyard and a pool, with the whole complex taking around 25 years to complete.

The palace was however destroyed a few centuries later by Sultan Moulay Ismail who used many parts of the palace in the building of his own palace in nearby Meknes.

Now just the ruins remain, with many of the walls providing great insight into the layout of what once had to be the most magnificent palace in all Morocco.

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The Palace is located in the centre of Marrakech and there are plenty of taxi's available to take you there.