Fes, Morocco
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Fes, Morocco
The city of Fes offers a unique culture shock, mainly due to the fact that so little has changed here over the course of so many years. The mediaeval tanneries, narrow streets crammed with shops, souks and stalls selling traditional goods piled high at a fair price, combined with the addition of fully laden mules carrying goods in and out of the labyrinth of alleyways really sets the scene for a taste of a real Moroccan city.

The winter temperatures during the months of December, January and February can average between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day but can become much cooler during the night. Temperatures start to warm up into the spring months of March, April and May where temperatures average around 65 but can reach anywhere between 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. During the summer months temperatures can soar well up into the 90's, before dropping to anywhere between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the autumn.

Fes Cuisine
There are plenty of restaurants offering traditional Moroccan dishes at varying prices as well as plenty of opportunities to purchase food and beverages such as the ever popular mint tea as you walk around the Medina. Some of the restaurants offer balconies which can provide excellent views of the city and its many minarets and are well worth searching out.

Fes Shopping
If you wanted to pick up any leather goods then Fes is the place to do it, well known for its ancient tanneries the art of producing some of the finest leather work is to be found here. There are also several shops and bazaars selling just about everything you could be looking for within the maze of the Medina from traditional garments and handicrafts to food. When paying for goods in the Medina, it is safer to use cash rather than credit cards, due to credit card scams.

If your after a more straight forward food shop then there are also a couple of modern supermarkets within Fes.

Fes Festivals and Events
The two main festivals in Fes each offer their own unique entertainment and excitement from the superb music and dance performances and traditional costumes to some of the finest horses to be found in the area.

Travel Location Guide
Fes is located 40 miles east of Meknes and 200 miles south of Tangier at the base of the Atlas Mountain range.

Fes Travel Attractions Guide
With the cities rich history and culture there is plenty to see, such as decorated structures, minarets and a vast supply of goods.