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Tanneries, Fes, Morocco
The tanneries of Fes are well known for the extraordinary selection of quality leather goods and array of colours that interestingly still use the same methods as they did in medieval times.

The selection of coloured dyes is impressive, as is the amount of goods available. Many of the shop keepers will happily fill you in on their craft and you will often be able to view several hides drying out on the rooftops and walls surrounding the shops.

The drying hides are quite pungent and it is a good idea to visit in the morning before the smell becomes too strong, another tip is to have with you a sprig of mint which can help you with the smell.

Travel Attractions Guide
The tanneries are found throughout the old town area known as as Fes El Jdid. It is a good idea to take a map or hire a guide to show you around this area as the many narrow streets can be a little confusing when you first go there.