Karaouine Mosque And University
Fes • Morocco

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Karaouine Mosque and University, Fes, Morocco
The Karaouine Mosque was founded in 859 by Fatima al-Fihri who when her father Mohammed Al-Fihri who was a wealthy merchant died she pledged to use her inheritance to build the community a mosque.

The mosque quickly grew as both a place of worship and a place of study with the Al Karaouine University now recognized as the oldest existing university in the world.

The mosque has the capacity to support 20,000 worshipers and features several white arches and columns with decorative plasterwork, wood carvings, tiles and courtyards.

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The mosque is only open to Muslims and can be found in the old area of Fes, it is worth hiring a guide as the narrow streets number several and its easy to get lost.