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Agadir, Morocco
Agadir has now turned into an incredibly popular beach resort which after the tragic earthquake in 1960 had to be nearly all rebuilt. The result of which is now a city full of modern hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs that provide the perfect accompaniment to the long stretch of sandy beach, blue seas and stunning mountainous backdrop, while still maintaining its Moroccan style with traditional souks, cuisine and entertainment.

Temperatures during the winter months average between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit with roasting summer temperatures averaging between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Agadir has a wide selection of restaurants offering plenty of aromatic traditional cooking with favorites such as tajine's, pastillas and couscous easily found. Due to its location, fresh fish and seafood is also widely available with many fine restaurants and cafe's being found along the seafront providing splendid views of the beach.

The Souk El Had is located close to the centre of the city and offers offers a large selection of fresh fruit, spices and vegetables all piled high, and a large selection of traditional handicraft items such as rugs, leather items, homewares and clothing. The whole scene is a very colourful affair and easy to navigate around. The port is also a great place to go to observe the many fishing boats coming in and for the auction that takes place.

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Agadir's main attraction is its beach, but there is also plenty to see and do with the museums, souks and plenty of chances to relax and people watch. Trips to villages just outside Agadir are also a great way enjoy the area.

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Agadir is located on Morocco's west coast, around 300 miles to the south of Casablanca.