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Egypt Travel Tips
When travelling anywhere be as prepared and organized as possible.

Useful Equipment
Small hand held fans are excellent especially when visiting the pyramids where you will find the temperature inside considerably warmer than on the outside. Small handheld flashlights are also a great help in some of the temples, tombs and pyramids as they are often not very well lit.

Wear suitable footwear and clothing when visiting certain historic areas such as the Pyramids, as there are often uneven surfaces and loads of steps.

Food and Drink Tips
Only drink bottled water and when you buy it check that the seal is secure so that you know it hasn't been tampered with.

Desert Attractions
Where possible try to visit attractions in the desert in the early morning or late afternoon, due to the incredible heat.

Egyptian Guides
Ensure that any guides offering to show you around an attraction are actually employed by the establishment! This is a particularly common occurrence in museums.

Independent Travel
If you decide to travel independently let your hotel know where you are going and more importantly when you plan to arrive back.

Egypt Culture Tips
Dress and act as conservatively as possible, affectionate acts are frowned upon in public places and homosexual acts are illegal in public.

As a tourist you are going to gather plenty of attention from people trying to sell you items, so learn the phrase "La Shukran" which means "no thank you".

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