Egypt Travel Advice (Advisory)

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Egypt Travel Advice (Advisory)
As with many tourist destinations pack your common sense when visiting.

Visit your physician for advise a few months before you travel.

Travel and Health Insurance
Travel and health insurance is definitely recommended when travelling to Egypt.

Cairo like many popular cities is known for its pickpockets which tend to target tourist areas and transport such as buses which become extremely over crowded.

Due to the Muslim culture alcohol is often not served in many places, although the more tourist areas often have licenced bars and restaurants. And it is worth knowing that drinking on the street is an offense.

Public signs of affection are frowned upon and homosexual acts of affection in public are illegal.

Dress Code
Women travelling to Cairo need to dress appropriately due to the Muslim culture in this country and as a guide the less of your flesh you show the more respect you give and the less unwanted attention you will therefore receive.