St. Paul Monastery

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St. Paul Monastery, Egypt
The remarkably well preserved Monastery of St Paul is also known as Dier Mar Boulos and dates back to the 5th Century AD and is dedicated to the hermit known as St Paul of Thebes.

St Paul was born into a very wealthy family but when he was around the age of 18 to 20 he left it all behind to become a desert hermit where he remained until his death when he had reached a staggering 113 years of age. Just before his death he was visited by the desert hermit St Anthony who legend has it had two lions dig St Paul's grave.

The Church of St Paul is underground and is set within the cave where the legendary hermit lived and died. It contains beautiful wall and ceiling paintings as well as Ostrich eggs hung in the ceiling to symbolise resurrection, there are wonderfully illustrated manuscripts which amongst them is a copy of the Divine Liturgy.

Also within the monastery are three other churches which also have decorations such as Icons and as with many monasteries there is also a refractory, mill and a spring.

Attraction Location Guide
The Monastery is located in the Eastern Desert not far from the Red Sea and around 150 kilometers away from Cairo.

Travel There
There are no busses that run all the way to the Monastery but they do run from Suez to Hurghada and stop at the junction which leads towards the monastery, however the road is a good 10 to 13 kilometers away from St Pauls in case you intend to walk it. Another option would be to hire a taxi for the day or go on a specific tour bus.