St. Anthony Monastery

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St. Anthony Monastery, Egypt
The monastery of St. Anthony is also known as Deir Mar Antonios and was built around 356 AD on the site where the desert monk St Anthony was buried. The monastery is surrounded by a fortress to help protect it against attacks from the Bedouins and Berbers who managed to plunder the monastery on several occasions.

The actual cave where St Anthony lived is located approximately 2 kilometers away from the monastery and offers magnificent views of the Red Sea and surrounding mountains.

The Monastery itself is pretty well self contained and has gardens, a mill, a bakery, a library, several natural springs, a defensive tower included on the walled fortress, monks living quarters and five church's in total. There are several wonderful examples of wall paintings and woodwork throughout the monastery, many of which are now undergoing careful restoration.

Attraction Location Guide
The monastery is located in the Red Sea Mountains near to Al Zaafarana.

Travel There
Transport to St Anthony's needs to be arranged either through an arranged tour which can be booked at Cairo, Hurghada and Suez or via hiring a private taxi for the day as there are no busses that run directly to it.