Sinai Mountain

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Sinai Mountain, Egypt
Forming part of the Sinai Peninsula, Mount Sinai is also known as Jabal Musa and is 2285 meters high and has a chapel positioned at the very top.

The Sinai Mountain has significant biblical history and is considered to be the location of where Moses encountered the burning bush and upon which he later received the ten commandments.

The site of the burning bush is safely protected inside the walls of St Catherine's Monastery along with many other buildings such as the Mosque, Basilica, Library, Fountain of Moses and several important religious artefacts.

As well as being an important pilgrimage site the view from the top of Mount Sinai is stunning at any time and absolutely breathtaking at sunrise when the whole valley reveals itself.

You will need a moderate level of fitness to cover the roughly 7 kilometers to reach the top of mount Sinai which can take around 3 hours at a steady walking pace and a little bit quicker if you opt to ride part of the way on a camel. It is worth knowing that there are several routes to the top and that the direct route is a steeper climb up the valley and contains well over three and half thousand fairly uneven steps to the top although it is the quickest route.

Many people opt to walk up the mountain during the early hours of around 2 or 3am and you will usually find plenty of people to go with, so you wont be alone and you will also avoid climbing up in the day time heat. The alternative is to climb up the mountain during the afternoon and watch the sun set with the option of either camping overnight while you are up there or steadily descending back down the mountain and lodging in the village.

Ensure you have appropriate footwear and plenty of extra layers, warm hat and gloves as it can get very cold at night and in the early hours when you are waiting for the sunrise, this especially applies if you plan to camp overnight at the top of the mountain. Trekking up Mount Sinai or any mountain alone is not advised however Mount Sinai is an incredibly popular destination so there are usually plenty of people going up to the summit, if you decide to walk up in the dark a head torch is ideal.


Attraction Location Guide
Sinai Mountain is not far from St Catherine's Village which is 75 kilometers away from Sharm El Sheikh.