Ras Mohammed National Park

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Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt
Named a National Park in 1983 the park covers a vast area of around 480 square kilometers and covers both water and land and includes two Islands called Tiran and Sandafir.

The National Park is home to a wide variety of plants and wildlife such as Ibex, Stork and Desert Fox as well as a great deal of colorful and varied of aquatic life which fills the Red Sea such as several hundred species of fish, Star Fish, Sea Urchins and Turtles.

Some of the most popular activities at the National Park are bird watching at the Solar Lake, snorkeling around the many coves and diving in the Red Sea to visit some of the most spectacular coral reefs and underground caves. There is also the wreck of the British merchant ship the SS Thistlegorm which sunk on the 6th of October 1941 and is an incredibly popular dive site.

There is a visitors centre which has a restaurant, toilets and a small gift shop. Dive boats can be arranged from Sharm El Sheikh that will take you to many of the best dive sites.

Attraction Location Guide
The Ras Mohammed National Park is around 12 kilometers away from Sharm El Sheikh with many tour operators organizing trips to the park.