Temple of Ramses III

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Temple of Ramses III, Egypt
The Temple of Ramses III is also known as Djanet and Medinet Habu and is a huge mortuary complex which has been well preserved and contains several fine examples of carved reliefs many of which show the defeat of the Sea People, there are also several colossal statues and detailed inscribed columns.

The Temple is closely based on the mortuary temple of Ramesses II called the Ramesseum and is made out of sandstone. The entrance to the Temple is through the original fortified gatehouse which is also known as a Migdol and once inside there are several chapels to Shepenupet II, Nitiqret and Amenirdis who were the High Priestesses of the Divine Adoratrice of Amun.

The first courtyard within the Temple has a rows of columns on one side and a row of magnificent colossal statues of Ramses III on the other, this leads on through the 2nd pylon where by you enter the next Peristyle courtyard.

Within this second courtyard there are very detailed reliefs about one of the successful campaigns against the Sea People, there is also a ramp which leads you on up through a columned entrance which has beautiful ceiling and column decorations into the Hypostyle Hall which no longer has a roof but shows the remains of what would have been the various chapels and the treasure chamber and also contains two statues of Ramesses III and the Statue of Ptah.


Attraction Location Guide
The Temple is located in Medinet Habu near Luxor close to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.