Temple of Karnak
nr. Luxor, Egypt

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Temple of Karnak, nr. Luxor, Egypt
The Temple of Karnak which is monumental in size and grandeur has managed to retain many of the original and beautifully detailed wall carvings, statues, columns and Sphinx's and will surely impress and fill you with awe and inspiration.

The entrance to the temple is through an avenue of sphinx's which have the heads of rams. This avenue of sphinx's amazingly used to run all the way to the temple of Luxor.

The Temple of Karnak is an incredibly complex site which is made up of three main areas dedicated to the gods Aman-Re who was considered to be the King of Gods, Montu the God of War and Mut the Mother Goddess.

The temple complex dedicated to Amun-Re features a huge amount of beautifully carved columns, colossal statues and one huge obelisk which is an incredible 29 meters high, there is also a large rectangular shaped Sacred Lake and the very impressive Hypostyle Hall which contains many magnificent carved columns.

The area dedicated to the Mother Goddess Mut originally would have contained many temples some of which are still standing, as well as many statues of her and a sacred crescent shaped lake although sadly little remains today.

The last section of the complex was dedicated to Montu who was the god of war and a solar hawk god, this section of Karnak contains a magnificent Gateway which is still standing.


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The Temple of Kanak is around 4 kilometers north of the centre of Luxor on the east side of the river bank.