Luxor Temple

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Luxor Temple, Egypt
The Luxor Temple was built by Amenhotep III and Ramesses II who both reigned during the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

The Temple was the central focus of many festivals in particular the festival of Opet where the king would travel to the Temple and enter the temples divine inner chamber and be transformed into a divine being and receive his divine right to rule.

The entrance is through an enormous gateway which has large 10 meter high statues of Rameses in seated positions on either side of the entrance, just to the outside of the statues were two obelisks, although only one mow remains which is just over 20 meters in height.

From the the main gate you then enter the great court of Ramses II which was filled with many superb statues, columns, a shrine to Thutmose III and the Sufi Shaykh Yusuf Abu al-Hajjaj Mosque.

From the great court you are then lead through an amazing row of 14 columns which stand around 16 meters high and lead toward the court of Amonhotep III which is surrounded by pillars and is the main court in front of the Temple and Hyposyle Hall.

From the Hall you gain access to several chambers including two chapels, the Birth Chamber, the Alexander the Great Shrine and the sanctuary chambers many of these chambers have very detailed carvings upon the walls.


Attraction Location Guide
Situated on the East bank close to the centre of Luxor.