Spring Festival
Sham El Nessim

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Spring Festival
The Spring Festival is a long celebrated national festival that dates back 2700 BC with the ancient Egyptians who celebrated it as Sham Ennisim which was a day of renewal or creation of life.

Now the festival is known as Sham El Nessim, which means smelling the air, which is thought to be beneficial on this day.

Many Egyptians will travel to the countryside, public parks and gardens or along the bank of the river Nile to relax and take in the beneficial air.

It is also popular for people to take picnics and dine outside, with salted fish, onions, lettuce and beautifully coloured boiled eggs all traditional items that often feature on the menu and symbolise good health, luck, fertility and hope.

Date Of The Spring Festival
The date changes from year to year but it always falls on the day after the Eastern Christian Easter Day.

The Spring Festival is celebrated throughout Egypt with many people going into the country side or visiting rivers during this time.