Egypt Festivals • Celebrations • Events • 2016-2017

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Egypt, Africa, Festivals and Events 2016-2017
There are plenty of events on offer that range from religious celbrations for both Christians and Muslims as well as cultural and exhilarating sporting events.

Cairo Film Festival
The prestigious Cairo Film Festival offers film screenings, competitions, open discussions and awards, attracting a number of leading actors and directors from the film industry... more about Cairo Film Festival

Pharaohs Rally
This incredibly tough cross country rally is not for the faint hearted and starts and finishes at the magnificent Pyramids of Giza and covers around 1864 miles in 6 days... more about Pharaohs Rally

Cairo Book Fair
One of Egypt's largest literary events takes place within the city of Cairo and attracts both local and international authors, publishers and distributors... more about the Cairo Book Fair

During the ninth month of the Islamic calendar Muslim's fast for a period of 29 or 30 days and it is during this time that the streets are beautifully lit up with colourful lanterns... more about Ramadan

South Sinai Camel Festival
This entertaining event takes place in South Sinai, close to St Catherines Monastery and Mount Sinai, and features plenty of camel racing... more about the South Sinai Camel Festival

Spring Festival
Also known as Sham El Nessim, this widely celebrated national festival marks the long awaited arrival of Spring and is celebrated by both Christians and Muslims... more about The Spring Festival

Coptic Christmas
Coptic Christians follow the Coptic calendar and celebrate Christmas annually on January 7th. On the eve of the 7th there is a midnight church service which marks the end of the fasting period... more about Coptic Christmas



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