Pharaohs Rally

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Pharaohs Rally
One of the toughest cross country rallies starts and finishes in front of the superb Pyramids of Giza and covers around 1864 miles of incredibly challenging desert terrain.

The competition often attracts well over 100 competitors from around the world, with cars, trucks, quads and motorcycles all taking part in this gruelling race. During the race competitors will have to manoeuvre over some incredibly varied and difficult terrain which includes negotiating undulating rocky terrain,going up and down steep sand dunes and across vast baron areas of stunning desert.

Each day there is a certain route plan which covers hundreds of miles and which has to be successfully negotiated in order to reach each check point and eventually complete the race, which takes around 6 days. With each successful day the competitors are one step closer to reaching the finish at Cairo's photogenic Pyramids of Giza and completing this formidable race.

Date Of Pharaohs Rally
The date of the Pharaohs Rally changes each year but usually place around the beginning of October with the actual race lasting for 6 days.

The start and finish of the Rally is in front of the Pyramids of Giza, Cairo.

Travel Guide
The Pyramids are easily reached by taxi and bus with plenty of regular services running from the city of Cairo. Alternatively you can also take the Metro to Giza Station and then taxi or bus to the pyramids from there.