Egyptian Museum Of Antiquities
Cairo • Egypt

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Egyptian Museum Of Antiquities, Cairo, Egypt
The Egyptian Museum Of Antiquities houses an incredibly impressive collection of well over 120,000 ancient Egyptian artefacts that are all carefully on display within the museum.

It was due to the Egyptian Government which formed the Egyptian Antiquities Service in 1835 that has thankfully seen the preservation of so many of Egypt's most precious artefacts.

There are several statues and reliefs on display such as the statue of Khafre as well as items such as jewelry, coins, paintings and furniture. One of the most popular areas within the museum is the Tutankamun Gallery which has a vast collection of artefacts that were from his tomb and which includes the very detailed gold mask and sarcophagus.

There is also a Mummy Museum Room which allows you to get quite close to the mummies which are partially unwrapped so that you can see their hands, feet and faces and learn all about the mummification process and the history behind it.

The museum has a book shop positioned towards the entrance and there is a cafe a short walk away from the museum. Cameras are not permitted within the museum and you must leave them with the ticket office.

You can either have a guided tour of the museum or use a guidebook and go at your own pace.

Attraction Location Guide
The Museum is located on the East bank of the river a few hundred meters from the 6th October Bridge and is one of the buildings surrounding Liberation Square.