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Citadel, Cairo, Egypt
The Cairo Citadel is a large walled fortress that was originally built by the ruler Saladin some time after 1176 and completed in 1184 as a means of protecting the City from the Crusaders and was built on the Muqattam Hill which has lovely views of the surrounding area and of Cairo.

There have been many other rulers who have added various buildings to the fortress over the century's leaving it with a good selection of styles such as decorated medieval facades, huge archways and several other buildings within where very little seems to have changed and the Citadel has retained much of its ancient looks.

There is the Well of St Joseph which supplied the fortress with water and is well known for the several hundred steps that spiral around the edge of the well all the way to the bottom. The Al-Gawhara Palace which was commissioned by Mohammed Ali Pasha in around 1814 during his reign and was used for receiving and entertaining guests in.

There are also several museums such as the Military Museum and Mosques such as the incredibly impressive Mosque of Mohamed Ali which is as spectacular on the inside as it is on the outside, and also the Mosque of al-Nasir Muhammad and the Mosque of Suleyman Pasha, dress code will apply if you wish to enter the Mosques.

Attraction Location Guide
The Citadel is around 6 kilometers to the South of Cairo's city centre.