Babylon Fort
Cairo • Egypt

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Babylon Fort, Cairo, Egypt
The area of the Babylon Fort or Roman Fort is considered to be one of the oldest parts of Cairo and is located in what is known as Coptic Cairo or Old Cairo.

The Fort was positioned on the site of where a settlement had already been established as early as the 6th century BC and was originally built directly next to the river Nile although over the centuries the course of the river has changed.

There are two towers remaining of what formed the fortress's western gate and what they clearly show are the bands of stone and red brick work design that was used to build the fortress's walls and buildings.

There were several church's built into the walls of the Babylon Fortress such as the Hanging Church which was built on top of the old southern gate house and also the Greek Church of St. George. Within the fortress boundaries is the Coptic Museum which has many wonderful examples of Coptic Art preserved within it.

Attraction Location Guide
The Babylon Fort is located in Old Cairo or Coptic Cairo which is around 7.5 kilometers south of Cairo's City centre.