Temple of Edfu

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Temple of Edfu, Egypt
The Temple of Edfu is one of the largest and best preserved temples in Egypt due to being buried in the sand for many years with only a small part of the Temple exposed and damaged.

The detailed and well preserved reliefs show that the temple was constructed sometime between 237 BC and 57 BC and was dedicated to Horus the Falcon God who is often portrayed with a human body and the head of a falcon wearing a crown which was usually red and white.

The main entrance to this magnificent temple is through the first pylon which stands dominating the area and the carvings upon the outer wall still very visible, there are also two wonderful statues of Horus situated either side of the entrance gate. Once through the main gate you enter a vast court yard which has columns all around it and very clear reliefs on the inside walls.

From the court yard there is the entrance to the very large and imposing Hypostyle Hall where a further statue of Horus stands again in incredibly good condition. The Hypostyle Hall leads on to further chambers and in the very centre of the temple is the Sanctuary which contains a granite Naos or shrine where divine statues would have been kept, on the walls within the sanctuary there are further well preserved reliefs.

Attraction Location Guide
The Temple of Edfu, is located on the west bank of the famous river Nile in the city of Edfu.