Kom Ombo Temple

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Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt
The Kom Ombo Temple is also known as the Temple of Sobek and Horus and is unique in its design being divided into two separate parts to honour both Sobek the crocodile god on the south side and Horus the elder who was the falcon god to the north of the temple.

The Temple originally had a large pylon to mark the entrance although this was lost to the Nile river as was part of the front courtyard where you can view the remains of some of the columns and outline of the structure.

Each side of the Temple contains a court, a colonnade and a large Hypostyle Hall which has many decorated columns along with a roof, part of which still remains today and upon it you can see pictures of vultures surround by a sky blue background and a sanctuary.

On the south side you will see many representations of crocodiles in dedication to Sobek and to the north you will view many flacons in honour of Horus. On display at the temple are also several mummified remains of crocodiles which were considered as gods and worshiped.

Also within the grounds of the Temple is the Sacred Well which has several steps leading down to the bottom.

Attraction Location Guide
The Temple is around 4 kilometers from the town of Kom Ombo on the bank of the Nile.