Pompey's Pillar

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Pompey's Pillar, Egypt
Pompey's Pillar was built around 297 AD to commemorate the victory of Roman Emperor Diocletian and stands an incredible 26.85 meters high in the city of Alexandria, also of interest is an impressive Sphinx which is positioned a short distance in front of the pillar.

After the Emperor Diocletian's great victory the people of Alexandria were left starving and so Diocletian provided them with food to help them out during this difficult time and in thanks they provided him with this pillar to celebrate his victory and good deed.

The Pillar would have been surrounded by other buildings most notably the Temple of Serapis that was later destroyed and now only its ruins remain and the Alexandria Catacombs or Kom al-Shoqafa which is a vast maze of Catacombs. There is a spiral staircase within the catacombs that takes you to the different levels, where inside there are many very detailed carvings and paintings on the walls surrounding the tombs as well as statues. Near to the Pillar are also the subterranean galleries where the sacred Apis bulls were buried along with sphinx's.

The name Pompey Pillar comes from a time when it was believed that the Roman General Pompey had had his ash's placed at the top of the pillar.

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