Castle of Qaitbay

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Castle of Qaitbay, Egypt
The Castle of Qaitbay is also known as the Quaitbay Citadel and is very impressive in both its size and design as a defensive stronghold.

The castle stands on the site where the Alexandria Lighthouse used to stand, which was at one point one of the Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World.

The castle was built around 1477 AD by Mameluke Sultan Ashraf Qaitbay and is excellently positioned on the Mediterranean's Sea coast. And became a formidable stronghold that would act as a great means of defence against enemies such as the Turks.

The Castle has seen its fair share of battle drama, first of all in 1882 after the British invasion when the castle was left in ruins and was only lightly repaired by the Ministry of Defence some 22 years later. The main restoration of the castle continued in 1984 when the Egyptian Supreme Counsel of Antiquities took charge of restoring the building.

The Citadel now contains a wonderful Aquarium and Marine Life Museum as well as a Naval Museum.

Attraction Location Guide
The Castle of Qaitbay is positioned at a very strategic point on the eastern part of Alexandria's harbour on Pharos Island.