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The Spectacular Earth World Travel Guide helps you decide where to travel, when the best time to go is, and most importantly what you can do when you get there!

Here you can find tourist information, advice and tips on an increasing number of worldwide destinations and their attractions we will also be providing you with inspirational pictures and useful maps.

Soon browse by continent, country, and city or head for our topical sections on festivals, adventure travel or beaches... watch this space!!


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India Travel Guide
India is the classic destination in Asia for the western traveller looking for the exotic, with a culture teaming with vibrant and sometimes otherworldly sensibilities, from the still crazy psychedelic to the remnants of stuffy colonialism and British Empire, a plethora of colourful flora and fauna, outstanding beaches and the glitz of Bollywood.

Egypt Travel Guide
Egypt has a wealth of history, culture and monuments left behind from ancient civilizations with treasures such as the Pyramids, Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Abydos that can but leave you inspired by their enormity and which combine brilliantly with Egypt's own natural wonders such as the desert landscapes, the Nile River, rugged mountains, stunning oases, and the Red Sea coral reefs that team with life and colour.

The vibrant city of Sydney is well known for its iconic landmarks that are beautifully set amidst the superb backdrop of Sydney Harbour, where the natural beauty of the surrounding area offers awesome surf and sandy beaches. The city itself is well known for its nightlife and festivals and there is certainly no shortage of sites of interest that range from museums to the famous Opera House.

The energetic and colourful city of Miami is well known for its fun atmosphere, stunning golden beaches and surfers playground. The modern and diverse side of the city is full of surprises and varies in architecture and style, from the Art Deco District to the historic Villa Vizcaya building found in Coconut Grove which all seem to effortlessly blend in with the surrounding national parks and gardens.

Morocco Travel Guide
A country steeped with culture that continues to enthrall its visitors with everything from snow capped mountains and rugged landscapes to thriving beach resorts. Well known for its bustling city souks which continue to ensnare visitors who are charmed by the vibrant atmosphere, imperial heritage and vast range of piled high traditional crafts. The bargaining for goods is a long standing tradition that has been developed and perfected for centuries which along with the drinking of copious amounts of mint tea, is all part of the fun of this diverse and colourful country.

Antarctica Travel and Cruises
One of the most pristine areas of wilderness to be found in the world, the dramatic mountain ranges who's shear size and splendor dominates the landscape cannot fail to impress. Ice burgs float alongside rugged coastlines that are filled with bountiful wildlife such as penguins, seals and seabirds and historic reminders from the great age of antarctic exploration are still present today, where the adventurer will be able to marvel at the audacity, endurance and survival of the early explorers to the region.

Spain Travel Guide
Spain is well known for its enchanting coastline and outstanding leisure opportunities as well as for its diverse and breathtaking landscape that includes majestic volcanoes, mountain ranges, rugged cliff tops and beautifully preserved natural parks. There are also no shortage of modern and vibrant cities that are bursting with cultural heritage and sites of interest as well as fashionable shopping areas, authentic cuisine, plenty of flamboyant traditional dance displays and no end of modern music and thriving nightlife scene also readily available.

Cape Town
Cape Town is a city of culture and history that grew out of its early sea faring days with the Dutch East India Company (VOC) with many of the early structures such as the Castle of Good Hope still remaining today. The area boasts some of the most spectacular coastlines that are well known for their abundant supply of sea life in particular Whales and Penguins, with the landscapes equally as impressive with the famous Table Top Mountain dominating the area and containing a plethora of fauna and flora.

The city of Prague is well known for its fun, vibrant and romantic atmosphere which is superbly set amongst a wealth of culture and history. The city's quiet cobbled streets, unique bridges and historic buildings and monuments are superb examples of a variety of architectural styles that have been preserved throughout Prague's colourful history.

The 'Eternal City' is well known for its incredibly rich and historic heritage and is home to gems such as the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and the Vatican which provides some of the most spectacular and priceless art collections to be found in the world, leaving a truly remarkable city full of immense character and charm.

One of the most diverse areas in the world Brazil has an impressive selection of vibrant cities each offering their own charm, history and culture, from the modern Capital Brasilia to the fashionable and energetic Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has the addition of having no shortage of outstanding areas of natural beauty, world famous ecosystems, sublime beaches and a reputation for having some of the best carnivals in the world.

Peru Travel Guide
Peru has one of the most dramatic areas of natural habitat in the world, from its spectacular mountains and coastline to the bountiful Amazonia. The country is filled with a great amount of history and culture as well as several impressive architectural remains of ancient civilizations.

Galapagos Islands Tours and Cruises
This enchanting archipelago of volcanic islands has an abundant and exotic supply of wildlife unique in the World due to its isolation, and as of course made famous by Charles Darwin. Quite one of the gems of the natural order there are many cruises and opportunities for adventure here in the Pacific Ocean.

Easter Island Travel Guide
Often regarded as one of the most remote islands in the world Rapa Nui as it is known by its inhabitants is also one of the most mysterious and enchanting islands to be found in the South Pacific Ocean, which is well known for the giant Moai, many of which stand proudly watching over the islands unique landscape.

This incredible country is well known for its impressive array of wildlife and diverse topography which includes areas of pristine wilderness, dramatic volcanoes and photogenic mountains to vast areas of arid desert and spectacular lunar landscapes. There are plenty of opportunities to be thoroughly entertained with no shortage of history, culture, sports and leisure opportunities as well as thriving energetic cities such as Santiago very much at the forefront of modern Chile.

Mexico Travel Guide
Mexico is a diverse country which beautifully blends its rich history and culture with thriving modern cities and beach resorts that continue to entice visitors to its clear blue waters, bountiful marine life and coral reefs. There are many reminders of the the countries fascinating history from the Colonial mining towns that still remain nestled amongst dramatic mountainous scenery to Mexico's intriguing Aztec roots where the remaining structures and artefacts still never fail to impress.

Travel Health Information and Advice
Be as prepared and as informed as possible before you travel to minimise your chances of having your holiday ruined by illness.